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We were voted “Best Fall Farm Market” by TV 7/4 viewers for a reason! Our market boasts a huge selection of locally

produced items.


In our store, you will find homemade jams, jellies and salsa plus local wines, cheeses, maple syrup, and honey.  These items are available year-round from our online market.

Nothing is better than a home-baked pie or loaf of bread. When you smell the aroma of fresh bakery items you will want to try

one of everything.


If you visit us in the fall, pair your bakery purchase with a cup of fresh apple cider from our old-fashioned cider press.

Pies, breads, and other baked goods are fresh daily

Visit us today! We are open June-October.


See what Traverse City

has to offer

- Sweet Black Cherry Pie

- Tart Cherry Pie

- Cherry Crumb Pie

- Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

- Blueberry Pie

- Apple Pie

- Dutch Apple Pie

- Pumpkin Pie


Available pies vary seasonally

A huge selection of fresh seasonal items

Fruit pie
donuts 3 Bakery Display Case 4 Pizza Bread

Our specialty Pizza Bread is baked fresh from homemade dough every Thursday through Sunday.  Each loaf features kosher salt and poppy seeds on the bottom with our blessing (olive oil, oregano, garlic and basil) on the top.  Enjoy!

Come try our specialty Pizza Bread