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  • When is the farm market and bakery open?
    We're open mid-June through October and our hours are currently 8am-6pm. We are closed on Tuesdays.
  • What can you tell me about the barnyard?
    Every year, we have pigs, chickens, and lambs. The animals live in the barnyard behind our farm market and love to see visitors! The barnyard is not a petting zoo and we ask that visitors do not attempt to pet or feed the animals.
  • When is my favorite produce in season?
    Strawberries: We always open the farm market in time for strawberry season, so you can expect us to have berries as soon as we're open in June. The season usually lasts a few weeks, until the end of June. Cherries: The cherry season varies slightly every year, but it usually starts in early July and lasts most of the month. Blueberries: Blueberries are generally available from the first week of July through mid-August. Pickling Cucumbers: Love to make your own pickles? So do we! You can find pickling cucumbers at the farm market from mid-July through September. Peaches: Generally available from around the first week of August through mid-September. Sweet Corn: The corn season usually lasts from the end of July through Labor Day. Canning Tomatoes: Here where the weather is cool, the prime season for tomatoes is August and September.
  • Is the you-pick cherry stand open?
    Believe it or not, the you-pick cherry stand next store actually belongs to another member of the Gallagher family! That said, it opens as soon as the cherries are ripe for harvest, usually close to the start of July, and stays open as long as the cherries are ripe to harvest. Get the most up to date information on their Facebook page:
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