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Gallagher's Farm Market sells local produce in season, fresh pies, breads and pastries from our bakery, and other local products like jams and jellies, honey, maple syrup, wine and more.


Gallagher's sells produce from its garden, located just behind the farm market, as well as products from dozens of local farmers. We've known some of these farmers so long that they seem like family (and some actually are family). 

Fruit and veggie availability depends on what is in season. Our opening date in June each year is based on the availability of strawberries and asparagus - the first harvests of the season. 

To see when your favorite produce is likely to be in season in Michigan, check out this awesome seasonality calendar from our friends at Taste the Local Difference.

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Every day, bakers arrive early to get started frying fresh donuts and baking pies, pastries and breads.  

Many of our baked goods are available through the season, and some we vary depending on the local produce. For example, in strawberry season, we bake biscuits for strawberry shortcake. In peach season, we bake peach and peach-blueberry pies (and serve locally made peach and blueberry ice cream from our friends at Buchan's Farm).  And in pumpkin season, we make pumpkin donuts.


Bakery favorites include cherry pies, pumpkin donuts in the fall, and our homemade pizza bread - available only on the weekends. 


The farm market offers a range of local and speciality foods in addition to produce and baked goods. 

Local goods include honey, maple syrup, wine and several products based on Traverse City's most famous crop - cherries. Cherry goods include jams and jellies (made at Gallagher's), salsas, BBQ sauces, dried and chocolate covered cherries, candies and more. 

In addition, Gallagher's stocks local milk and cheese, sodas and juices, ice cream and snacks.  Our jams and jellies and some of the dried goods are available to purchase in our online store.

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